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Senior Services

As it pertains to supporting lifelong learning opportunities in New York and New Jersey, the goal of SKY Language School is to offer its English as a Second Language (ESL) classes

to local senior residents who seek to improve their English.

We provide seven unique levels of ESL and TOEFL classes with measurable outcomes that are nurturing yet structured enough to promote independence, dignity, and choice. 

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Diversity and Equity

We are a minority provider.

We provide affordable educational opportunities to immigrants and low income individuals. 

Closing Economic Security Gaps Through Education

Literacy in English is a basic requirement to embark on the pathway to autonomy and success. 

Our standardized English as a Second Language (ESL) courses have been developed by educators and community-based individuals. 

SKY Language School seeks to address gaps in economic security by increasing opportunities in education and workforce development.

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We Are All Human

We strive to increase human connectivity.


Students often cited that one of the things they like the most about this program is the ability to study and socialize with peers in an academic setting that strives to increase self-accountability, independence, and sense of belonging. 

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